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Welcome to the VoteFair poll for the So You Think You Can Dance? TV show.

Season four

There won't be a VoteFair poll for season four — unless someone (like you?) would like to host one.  Actually that's something you can do for any poll or survey you wish.  If you contact us (see bottom of this page), we can put your link here (and we can give you special permission to go beyond the normal six-choice limit).

Commentary for season one

The one unfair (early) elimination in season one (2006) was Allison.  She was eliminated early because she was not a very popular first choice, yet, according to that week's VoteFair poll — which considers all the preferences of all the voters — she was regarded as the best female dancer!  The other eliminations basically matched voter preferences.

Contestant Top 10 males Top 10 females Top 9 males Top 9 females Top 8 males Top 8 females Top 7 males Top 7 females Top 6 males Top 6 females Top 10
Top 8
Top 6
Top 4
Benji1 (tie)11111 (tie)111Winner
Travis1 (tie)233 (tie)34222Out
Heidi7 (tie)44433433Out
Donyelle211215 (tie)554Out
Natalie3 (tie)5354764Out--
Ivan9 (tie)953 (tie)45 (tie)76Out--
Allison62 (tie)2121 (tie)3 *Out----
Ryan9 (tie)77668 (tie)8Out----
Dimitri4 (tie)42228 (tie)Out------
Martha3 (tie)2 (tie)53510Out------
Musa6 (tie)3455Out--------
Jaymz6 (tie)667Out----------
Jessica7 (tie)767Out----------
Ben6 (tie)88Out------------
Joy3 (tie)8Out--------------
Stanislav4 (tie)Out----------------


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