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Law for Electing State Legislators

Electing state legislators is similar to electing Congressmen, so use the wording on the Congressmen page except make a few common-sense changes (such as allowing for a difference in the names of officials).

If desired, the following law also can be added.  It disallows political parties that are based on religion, gender, or race.

In any election the name of a political party shall not appear anywhere on the ballot if the political party in any way discourages the participation of prospective candidates within the political party based on religion, gender, race, or physical appearance.  The absence of significant participation by citizens whose religion, gender, or race is already heavily represented in the State Legislature shall not be regarded as discouragement.  The state Supreme Court shall have final jurisdiction regarding such cases.  This provision shall not be used in any way to prevent any person or any religious, gender-based, or racial group from using free speech to promote any political party.

© Copyright 2005 by Richard Fobes, author of Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections and The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox.  Permission to publish this proposed law is hereby given if this copyright notice remains attached.  Permission to use this proposed law, or any portion of it, in any legal document is hereby granted unconditionally.



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