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“[The VoteFair American Idol poll] was the only one to consistently say Maddie was the most popular.  It got tricky at the end, but his voting system did have Maddie winning in the final vote.  Especially in retrospect, his commentary was very accurate week to week.  ... [I] just reread a few of those posts and it was one of those "holy sh*t" moments.  Super insightful analysis.”  u/jillanco on Reddit

“What you have created is very impressive and I believe has potential to revolutionize US voting and ultimately US and world history.”  Oliver S.

“I just came across your website and I absolutely love it.  ...  Keep up the great work.”  Ken

“I really like your voting system, this is exactly what I was looking for.”  Stéphanie V. (in Belgium)

“Your site selected 20/30 bottom group contestants and 5/12 eliminated contestants correctly (excluding the finale).  That's better than any other single index that I assessed, including Dialidol and Zabasearch.”  (Idol Analytics: American Idol predictions, statistics and analysis)

“A ranking ballot would be the best way to select someone for public office.”  (Israel Shenker)

“Your 'pencil' analysis [in Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S Elections] was years ahead of its time.”  (Eduard Hiebert at

“Your site is great and exposes real problems with traditional voting.”  (Bill Gordon)

“... It shows the VoteFair voting approach is better than the current American Idol voting method.  I like the idea of voting for a 1st, 2nd & 3rd choice.  I think it could easily be implemented by American Idol.”  (Sleepy on forum)

“This VoteFair method is the most accurate voting system that has ever been made, I salute the person who conceptualized this whole thing.  ... More power to this site, and may this system be noticed and applied by those who need it.”  (JPTD)

“I've succe$$fully bet the American Idol contest for several years, and I use your site as part of my handicapping.  Thanks!”  (TP, Minnesota)

“Our organization has had several successful elections (of club officers) in the past few years, including an annual election a couple of weeks ago with the most candidates ever, and all the results have been recognized as very fair.  In the past few days we've had multiple simple polls going while we select a new team name for the upcoming season.  Thanks again for keeping VoteFair going!”  (Allan Barber, San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club)

“VoteFair's results today (May 18, 2010) illustrate so clearly the difference between traditional voting and VoteFair's method.  All three contestants have significant voting percentages under traditional voting method, but one of them (Casey James) has only a tiny part of VoteFair voting results.  Excellent job!”

“The [VoteFair American Idol] poll is one of the best tools around for tracking fanbase size and dedication.” (chessguy99 on forum at

“I am really pleased with this site cause it is very accurate.  Actually, I was sad to see Lilly [Scott] gone [from American Idol].  BOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! *Weeps*  People should really have voted for her!!” (Terry Hartshire)

“Thanks for providing some keen insight on the nature of elections and voting.  I'm a scientist with a mathematics background, who agrees that there ought to be a more equitable election system.”

“I love your [American Idol] polls.  They are great fun, and also incredibly fascinating with their analysis.” (James De Roxtra)

“My sister is a mathematician and has been telling me about this [balloting] system for years.  Our family is shocked that the U.S. continues to use a 1700's voting system in the 21st Century.  Crazy!”

“Our club is extremely pleased with multiple aspects of the VoteFair system.  The ability to vote online meant an extremely high voter turnout, approximately 70-75%!  Equally as important are the concepts underlying the VoteFair system.  Using a comparison system instead of the more common method of voting for a single candidate we came out knowing that we had voted in the candidates our club members preferred to have in the seats.  Not only were there a number of good candidates, which could have split a conventional vote to the point of electing a non-preferred candidate, but our club is essentially split between 2 facilities and some candidates were known better in one or other of the facilities.  VoteFair [ranking] gave us the ability to balance that out transparently.  Thanks!”  (Allan Barber, San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club)

“I really enjoy the analysis and support your cause....  I am a Mathematician at heart and by degree.  I do enjoy, appreciate and back the message you are sending to your audience.  It is sad in a way that real life events such as the Presidential elections share the same flaws as a reality TV program.  (I don't think David Cook will be sending out troops to War, but they may enjoy his entertainment.)  What makes your column enjoyable to me is [that] not only do you point out the obvious flaw of “first[-choice] vote”, but also those intangibles that exist in human nature (plurality) and phone usage (teen texting).  Keep spreading awareness and just maybe we'll nominate the right guy or gal for the job!”  (J.F.)

“[This is] a website that seems to have figured out the fairest way of counting preferential votes.  I haven't found a better site on this subject.”  (Andrew at

“Yesterday, you said 'Chris and Elliott are vulnerable' (to be eliminated).  I never believed Chris was vulnerable.  Your prediction was correct...amazing.  I have to give you credit.”

“Good Site! Thank you!”


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