Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates

  Ban single-mark ballots!

About the Declaration

This declaration was written by election-method experts at the Election-Methods forum at  It was created at Google Docs with participation amoung various contributors, especially those whose names are listed at the top of the list of signers.  Detailed discussions about the wording of the Declaration occured on the email-based Election-Methods forum.

The writers and signers, as stated in the declaration, “have very different political views, yet here we have joined together to look beyond narrow, partisan interests.  We see no good reason to oppose election-method reform.  In fact, we agree that better election methods can help all political groups: both conservatives and liberals, both business and labor, both incumbents and upstart campaigners, both centrists and extremists, both larger and smaller parties.  We believe that each of these groups can benefit in very concrete and specific ways ....”

Annotated contents

(Use these links to find specific sections.)

  • Introduction - It is time to change our voting system.
  • Unfairness of plurality voting - Plurality voting is a bad method that is used far too often.
  • Better ballots - With better information from voters, we can elect better winners.
  • Fairer counting methods - Signers agree that any of these four voting methods will give more-democratic results: Approval voting, Condorcet voting, Majority Judgment, and Range voting.
  • Additional considerations:
    • Instant-runoff voting - We have differing opinions on this method, which has both advantages and disadvantages.
    • Proportional representation - Legislatures that represent all the voters are a worthwhile goal, although proportional methods should not use closed lists.
    • Using the fairer methods in organizations - Private organizations are a great place to start voting reform.
    • Multiple rounds of voting - Good voting methods can reduce the need for extra rounds (primaries and runoffs), or give even-better results when combined with such extra rounds.
    • Counting process - Some of our supported methods are easy to implement, and all will give fast, secure, and transparent results.
    • Separate reforms - Reforming the voting system will facilitate and reinforce other democratic reforms.
    • Further resources - Here are sources for learning more about better election methods.
  • Benefits for all - Voting reform is truly a win/win solution that will help all political groups.
  • Taking action - We urge you to help promote better voting methods, both by spreading awareness and by doing what you can to implement them.





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