Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates

  Ban single-mark ballots!

Signers of the
Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates

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The following election-method experts have signed this declaration:

  • Jameson Quinn; instigator of this declaration; supports Approval as a first step, and SODA or Majority Judgment as eventual goal.
  • Forest W. Simmons; PhD mathematician who has studied election methods and participated in the Election-Methods list discussions for more than a decade; supports statement wholeheartedly
  • Richard Fobes;; author of Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections, wrote major portions of this declaration; prefers VoteFair ranking, which is based on the Condorcet-Kemeny method
  • L. G. Ted Stern; Ph.D. Applied Math., occasional participant in Election-Methods list and ESF list since 2004; Supports Range, Approval, Bucklin/Majority Judgment, Condorcet, in that order, and Bucklin Transferable Vote for Proportional Representation.
  • Stéphane Rouillon; Engineer in Physics, M.Sc.A. Mechanical Engineering, Ph.D. Applied Mathematics, Member of the Expert Committee mandated by the Direction Générale des Elections du Québec for studying the modalities of a mixed member compensatory system, Consultant for the "Soirée des Jutra" selection board, Expert-witness in the Association pour la Revendication des Droits Démocratiques case, designer of the System Preferential Proportional and Acirconscriptive; Single Transferable Vote fan.
  • Jack Rudd; BSc in Mathematics;Approval, Range
  • Andrew Jennings; Ph.D. Mathematics (emphasis on Social Choice), and Treasurer, Center for Election Science
  • Warren D. Smith; PhD applied math, co-founder and president Center for Election Science
  • Peter Zborník; M.Sc. in Mathematical Statistics, Master of Public Policy. Czech Green Party member; supports any of the methods when used in two or more election rounds
  • David Larson Wetzell; PhD in economics; I support all sincere efforts to come together and reason about how we may tend our democracies.
  • Mike Ossipoff; Founding member of election-methods forum; Advocates Approval voting for full support for favorites
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These individuals have signed this declaration at the original Google Docs location:

  • Matt Welland
  • Craig Lee Chrisco
  • Toby Pereira, MA Philosophy of Mind
  • Sean Walker

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