Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates

  Ban single-mark ballots!

Actions recommended by the Declaration

For your convenience, here is the Declaration's list of recommended actions:

  • If you are active in a political party that uses plurality voting, you can increase your party’s chances of winning in the main election by using better voting methods to choose your party's candidates, delegates, and officers.
  • If you feel that “your” political party wants your vote and your money, but doesn’t care about your priorities, you can move towards having a real voice by focusing your support, including donations and volunteer time, on candidates who support election-method reform.
  • If you are involved in a small political party, you can urge the adoption of one of the methods here as part of your party platform and an important strategy for growing your party.
  • If you are an independent voter, you can use your flexibility to favor candidates who help promote election reform.
  • If you are a member of an organization that elects officers using plurality voting, you can help your organization increase election fairness, and run more smoothly, by requesting the use of a better election method when an election involves more than two candidates.
  • If your organization promotes government transparency or similar reforms, you can help make politicians more receptive to your concerns by taking actions that promote better election methods in government, starting by using such methods internally.
  • Most importantly, if you are a policymaker, you can better represent your constituents, reduce your need to constantly raise funds, and discourage negative campaigns, by introducing legislation to replace plurality voting with a better election method.


Please read the full Declaration of Election-Method Reform Advocates for more details.


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